L.A.S. Terra

The site of Terra, student association for all branches of archaeology.


Great site on the archaeology of South East Asia.

Past Horizons

Online equipment store and the place for archaeological projects all over the world. Yes, projects YOU can actually JOIN!

European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists

The main aim of the association is to bring together every two years, at a location in Europe, scholars who are working in the field of Southeast Asian Archaeology, including epigraphy, numismatics and art history, and to offer facilities to present and discuss new data. The association strives to find funds for inviting Southeast Asian colleagues to participate in its conferences.


South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index

association of east asian archaeology

Site on the archaeology of East Asia


Site on the archaeology of China


Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst

"De Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst is opgericht in 1918 met het doel grotere bekendheid te geven aan Aziatische Kunst, de belangstelling ervoor te stimuleren en de wetenschapsbeoefening op dit gebied te bevorderen."


International Institute for Asian Studies

European Alliance for Asian Studies

The European Alliance for Asian Studies (Asia Alliance) is a co-operative framework of European institutes specializing in Asian Studies.


International Convention of Asia Scholars

Leiden University

Our University.

Museum Volkenkunde Leiden

This museum features a GREAT Asian collection and much, much more.


Remember "Temple of Doom" or "Empire of the Sun"?