Welcome to MAITREYA

Maitreya is the "Student Association for the Archaeology of Asia" for students from Leiden University (the Netherlands). Here you can find the latest information concerning organised activities such as lectures and excursions. Also keep an eye out for where our next monthly "borrel" (drinks!) and "Movie Night" will be held. If you would like to become a member, please contact us! Non-members are also more than welcome to join our activities!

02/01/09 Gandhara – The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan

January the 20th we will go to the exhibition: Gandhara – The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan Legends, Monasteries, and Paradise in Bonn. If you would like to tag along, please sent us an email before january 10th so we can arrange transportation. The sooner we know how many people would like to join, the sooner we know the amount of money you will need... it won't be expensive though... so don't let this spoil an amazing exhibition on some of the worlds most beautiful treasures.

The Buddhist art of Gandhara appears strangely familiar to the Western gaze; its rootedness in Western traditions is strikingly obvious. Gandhara is the name of a historical region in present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan. At the time of its greatest expansion, its territories encompassed Bactria, the Hindu Kush and central northern India. Gandhara became known to a wider audience in March 2001, when the Taliban dynamited the Bamiyan Buddhas, the world’s biggest rock-cut Buddha statues. (Source: Art and Echibition Hall Bonn Website)

CLICK HERE for more information about the exhibition.

09/12/08 Tomorrow: BORREL

Tomorrow, around 21:00 we will have a "Borrel" in "De Kroeg"... the good news is... A FREE BEER FOR ALL! See you all there!


Wednesday december the 3rd at 18:30 in the Lipsius building room 147 (door opens at 18:15) we will watch "The Emperor and the Assassin"! Snacks and drinks are provided and.... this time there will be the opertunity to win... AN AMAZING PRIZE!!!. See ya'll tomorrow!

27/11/08 Tonight: MOVIE NIGHT!!!

19:30, 011 Lipsius,"The Forbidden Kingdom", Beer, Crisps and "Pepernoten" included!!!

15/11/08 SUSHI! (and upcoming movie night!) (UPDATE)

"Beste medestudenten, net als vorig jaar organiseert Maitreya dit jaar weer een trip om Sushi te gaan eten in het lekkerste Japanse restaurant van Nederland, namelijk Restaurant Sumo te Rotterdam (Mauritsweg.... restaurant MET TEPPANYAKI!). Het plan is om op woensdag 19 november om kwart voor vier van spoor 9 in Leiden te vertrekken en dan tegen half vijf bij het restaurant te arriveren. Het is een beetje vroeg, maar dit geeft ons wel de kans om een goede plek te bemachtigen voor het te druk word. Verder is het een "all you can eat" eetfestijn van drie uur lang dus dit geeft ons alle tijd om op ons gemak te genieten. En dat voor slechts 22,50. Het eerste drankje zal trouwens gratis zijn voor leden en 1ejaars. En aangezien het restaurant slechts enkele minuutjes lopen van de pathe is, kunnen we achteraf met de mensen die zin hebben nog een filmpje pakken. Hopelijk tot dan!! Ps: Ohja om 100% zeker te zijn van een plek in het restaurant stuur een mailtje naar aamaitreya@hotmail.com voor maandag om 12 uur, dan zullen wij een plekje voor je reserveren. Vriendelijke groeten, Maitreya"

Dutch flavour text by Yoran

Check back on this site soon, as we will have an AWESOME Movie Night planned for the 27th!! Jackie Chan vs Jet Li in "The Forbidden Kingdom"! Click the add below, for more information (and a freaky poster) on our Sushi feast!

03/11/08 New Committee!

We've had our NEW COMMITTEE since September, but the committee section has finally been updated with the new "ranks", people and new action photo's! Make sure to check it out! Also, be back in a couple of days, as some new activities will be announced on the site!!!

23/09/08 Tropic Thunder: Our first movie night this year!!! UPDATE

Thursday the 25th we will watch Tropic Thunder in theatre! We will have drinks in Olivier after!!! Film starts 19:00 @ Lido! (be a bit early for good seats)

23/07/08 Maitreya @ Facebook!

Maitreya now has a "Facebook" account. Add us as one of you contacts: Aziatische Archeologie Maitreya

27/05/08 Pasar Malam Besar!

May 29th, 16:00 @ Leiden CS! Let us know if you want to come, so we can wait for you at the train station.

26/05/08 East meets East @ Malle Babbe (DRINKS!!!)

May 27th (tomorrow), 21:00 @ Malle Babbe (Nieuwe Beestenmarkt). Maitreya will join forces with Nabu Na'id for some drinks and snacks, the Eastern way!

09/05/08 Movie Night Location Update

May 14th, 19:00, 1175/235a. See you all there!

08/05/08 Shanghai Bronzes @ Groningen... finally!

May 15th, around 8:00 in the morning we will leave for Groningen to check out the amazing bronzes from Shanghai! Check back later for the exact time of depature.

25/04/08 Our Next Movie Night!

Click the poster below, for more information on our EXPLOSIVE next Movie Night!

10/04/08 Shanghai bronzes postponed, but we will have SUSHI!

Due to the MA day, we will postpone our excursion to Groningen to see the Shanghai bronzes. But when we will go, there will probably be an extra museum to visit, because the universitymuseum of Groningen has an exhibition on Chinese costumes!

Click the add below, for more information on our Sushi feast!

18/03/08 Follow a MA course Archaeology of Asia at Leiden University!

CLICK HERE for more information. You can also request a brochure.

18/03/08 Movie-Night Location!

Lipsius, room 227! Tomorrow, 19:00.

17/03/08 More activities!

Wednesday march 19 at 19:00 we will watch "The Emperor and the Assassin". You already knew that, but you didn't know, that the borrel will be helt at "de Branderij". There will also be people from the other branches of archaeology and together we will have a chat about the upcomming "LAW".

Thursday march 20 we will join Nabu Na'id to "de Nieuwekerk" in Amsterdam, to check out the exhibition "verborgen Afghanistan". The rendez-vous is at 18:00 at Leiden Central Station.

Friday april 11 we will go to Groningen to check out Chinese bronzes from Shanghai! we will leave in the morning from Leiden Central Station, but more info on "where-and-when" exactly will follow soon.

Thursday april 17 we will have Sushi at Sumo Sushi in Rotterdam. Please let us know if you want to join, so we can make a reservation.

03/03/08 Next movie night and sushi dinner! (UPDATE)

25/02/08 Naksha: Movie night! (UPDATE)

27 February at 19:00 we will watch Naksha. We will rendez-vous at 1175/235a for this Indian adventure epic. The movie will be followed by drinks and a tournement of pool. We will gladly kick anyones @$$! ^^

12/02/08 GO CHINA! Lecture and excursion (UPDATE)

Join us to the "Drents Museum" in Assen to expolre the relics of the first emperor of China! Ten places have already been given away, so if you would like to join this excursion, you will have to send us an email. Currently we have place for around twenty more people. The excursion will be at February 15. The lecture is from 13:00 untill 14:00. The entrance fee for the museum is 6 Euro's, but people with a "museum jaarkaart" will only have to pay 2 Euro's. Members will get a 50% discount by Maitreya. We will "rendez-vous" at Leiden CS at 9:30!

30/12/2007 Vacancy at the IIAS

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is looking for an intern to help with the preparations for the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, a parallel association of the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS). Further information on the vacancy can be downloaded here.

17/12/2007 EurASEAA Conference: Call for papers!

CLICK HERE to download the second announcement of the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA) that will take place in Leiden from 1-5 September 2008. You can also check out the EurASEAA website for more information.

06/12/2007 Job vacancy to fill at the Drents Museum!

Fancy a job at the “Drents Museum”? The museum expects great numbers of people at the GO CHINA! exhibition, so more people are needed to guide the great numbers of visitors though the museum. More information on the vacancy can be downloaded here. Good luck with YOUR job application!

04/12/2007 Master Class ‘Reading Art’

Friday 7 December from 13.00 till 15.00, there will be a master class at the "Trippenhuis Amsterdam", given by Susan L. Huntington who is Professor of History of Art at The Ohio State University. This master class will give students practice in looking at art works in detail, and working through difficulties in interpretation. Early Buddhist narrative reliefs will serve as an example.

At 16:00, the master class will be followed by a the 15th Gonda Lecture ‘Art as text, art as document: understanding Buddhism through art’. Download the invitation here and click here for a flyer on the lecture. Don't forget to sent an email if you wish to participate!

27/11/2007 Movie night! (tomorrow the 28th!)

Watch "The Tube" with us @ Huizinga/025 from 19:00 till 22:00! After the movie we will have a drink and play some pool in "proost".

21/11/2007 Borrel

No borrel tonight! Instead, we will go for the "borrel-movie-night-combination", like last time. So keep your eye out on our site and join us next week!

19/11/2007 Student-newspaper: "De Beerput"

Maitreya wishes to congratulate the editors of "De Beerput" with their very first issue! Our own contribution can also been seen in the paper. This time it features a very nice recipe for a famous Thai soup, a movie review and some more stuff. Unfortunately, it is only in Dutch, but for the sake of international relations, we promise our next page will be in English. From now on there will be a link in our “archive” section, where “De Beerput” can be downloaded. Enjoy!

13/11/2007 International Conference of the EurASEAA

The 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists has been announced! It will be from 1-5 September 2008, so you still have "some time" to think about YOUR contribution.

06/11/2007 Looking for some archaeology projects?

"Past Horizons" might just do the trick for you! And look.... Thailand and Cambodia are a possibility at the moment! Stumbled on this site at SEAA.

25/10/2007 Details for: "Mongolian Ping Pong" and "Tales from the Earthsea"

Monday October 29, Studio Ghibli, Melkweg Amsterdam, "Tales from the Earthsea", 19:00. Leaving 17:30 from NS station, Leiden. (track 5)

Wednesday October 31, 19:00 Mongolian Ping Pong, 1174 (Huizinga) 025. Followed by "borrel" in "proost" (between 21:00 and 22:00).

23/10/2007 Colloquium on Asian Art and Archaeology

Monday the 12th of November there will be a colloquium on Asian art and Archaeology at the National Museum of Ethnology in the city of Leiden. Maitreya is looking forward to it, as it seems very promising. This is a must for the archaeologist of Asia, so join us! Entry will be free for students, but non-students will probably have to pay the admission fee for the museum. (members only!)

For a complete overview of the lectures that will be held download the programme here.

21/10/2007 Studio Ghibli in "Melkweg Amsterdam"

Join us monday the 29th of this month to see the "Studio Ghibli" anime film: "Tales from the Earthsea". The film will start at 19:00. Drop us an email if you would like to come along. CLICK HERE to read more!

11/10/2007 Agenda updates

Please note that, because of the test week and the "Terra ALV" meeting, both the "borrel" and movie will be replaced to the 31st of October. First we will watch Mongolian Ping Pong and after that we will have some drinks to chat about the movie.

...but there is more movie news! Sunday the 28th of October we will go to the Himalaya Film festival. The "committee" will at least go to see the tenth session, but of course you are free to do otherwise. If you are a member of Maitreya, make your reservation through us and we will give you a 50% reduction. Please email us what you desire.

11/10/2007 Go China!

In 2008, there will be several expositions concerning China in the beautiful north of the Netherlands (Groningen and Assen). These expositions include subject as: Archaeology (very nice!), Architecture, Avant-garde art and contemporary Chinese art. The "Drents Museum" will feature a spectacular exposition about the terracotta army from Xi'an. This is the first time that the army of the first emperor of China will march into the Netherlands! There will also be 200 other objects from the Qin and West-Han Dynasty. Maitreya will obviously go there, so if you would like to join us, keep checking our site! Hit the banner for more info.

05/10/2007 AAP

Tomorrow: Alumni day! Maitreya will feature on the Symposium with a little presentation on current activities and the fieldwork conducted in Indonesia last summer. AAP

27/09/2007 Online!

Welcome to the new website of "MAITREYA" the "Student Association for the Archaeology of Asia" Leiden University.Check our "agenda" to see what kind of activities we have planned. This varies from dinks and movies to lectures and excursions.

27/09/2007 Last Movie Night

Was a great succes! See you all again next month.